Juri Ueno x Hiroshi Tamaki, “television” magazine, Nodame Cantabile promotion

    • Shinthia
    • July 31st, 2008

    Horoshi Tamaki is gorgeous….they make a really cute couple…lol :]

    • nodapurple
    • April 19th, 2009

    aren’t they look cute together??

    • mei
    • May 8th, 2009

    they are sooooo cute together..wish they can be a real couple ^^

    • Sunny
    • July 2nd, 2009

    Thank U very much.If U have any information about Ueno Juri,please contact with me.Thanks before.My yahoo nick:thuyduong253

  1. tamaki hiroshi is GORGEOUS. I want to touch his hair!
    ueno juri is hmm…but she grew on me as the series progressed.

  2. hiroshi and juri is good to be in real life couple..
    they’re fit together and they’re both talented..
    i hope that nodame cantabile would not be the last project
    that they will do..i want more from them.. and i suggest
    that the next show that they will do would be a serious love story….i love them both!!!

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